Wall sculptures, recycling


Sustainability and Circularity with art
Meet my sparkling wall sculptures


For my wall sculptures I recycle materials that I receive from companies.
I transform leftovers that are no longer used into new and experimental works of art. Sometimes combined with older works of art of mine.

Sustainable reuse produces adventurous art.
For me as an artist it is great to work in this way. Experiment and play are the most beautiful things there are in the arts. This is possible with beautiful residual materials.

The goal
is to create inspiring modern art. Where recycling and transformation play a central role.

Reliëfs from recycled plexiglass

Since 2019

My wall sculptures are about fragmentation, flow and change. Let yourself be taken to another dimension, where imagination and emotion go hand in hand.

I have been working with plexiglass since 2019. Layered art, in which light plays a major role and always provides a different experience. Think of it as stained glass, but without lead.

The overarching theme is Into the Unknown.
Imagining The River of Life in all its shades. (Not suspecting the unknown paths we have taken at world level since 2019).

As in all my art, I use nature as a metaphor for life. Always moving and colorful. The cycles of growth, flowering and decline alternate. In images and in material.


I accept assignments.
For an eye-catcher on the wall.
Companies that want to combine art and recycling can contact us. The mission can also be clearly visualized with circular art.

Are there any materials that have served?
Please inquire what I can do with it.

Contact us for a sustainable assignment.
Studio visit is possible by appointment.

In collaboration with businesses

I currently reuse plexiglass from:
– Maquette Studio Z-as uit Weesp
– Architectenbureau UNStudio uit Amsterdam
The wall sculptures below were made with this.

Art calendar 2024
Contains detailed photos of wall sculptures.
Can be ordered in the Printstore until early ’24.

> Click on the image
for more info and to order

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