En Plein Air

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studies after nature

Nature is my studio

En Plein Air means drawing and painting outside, in nature Bring all the equipment and do the work on the spot. I look for inspiration in wilder locations, not raked environments. Such as dunes, forests, parks, but also vegetable gardens, flower gardens and in my own backyard.

Studying outside is great. Precisely because of the circumstances that do not always cooperate. The weather, animals, insects and people around you. And constantly changing light. I look for this changeability in all my art.

Since 2017 I have been working in nature for a few months a year. I use it as inspiration for my reliefs and canvases. But the studies also stand on their own.

I am a nature lover. Wherever I am, I see nature. City nature, fragmented, all around you. On a journey, rugged nature to lose yourself in, overwhelming and wide. Gardens as a private oasis, a hidden place. Growth, bloom and decay… nature offers it all. Chaos, details, structures, lines, colour, light… it remains an endless source of inspiration.

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Made directly in nature, beautiful on every wall

You can send me off to a favorite nature reserve or subject, for an assignment. Technique and dimensions are of your choice. A drawing on paper or painting on canvas. I can provide a frame separately, if desired. Sending is always possible.

En Plein Air Gea Zwart Schiermonnikoog 2022

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