En Plein Air

Boon, detail, En Plein Air, Gea Zwart, 2023

studies after nature

Nature is my studio

En Plein means drawing and painting in the open air.. I look for inspiration in nature. I study light, movement, growth and changes. To further apply in my free work: wall sculptures made of recycled plexiglass and (large) paintings.

My preference is wilder locations, not raked environments. Like the dunes, forests, banks. But also vegetable gardens, flower gardens, the park and in your own backyard.

Studying outside is great. Especially because of the constantly changing circumstances. Weather. How the light changes through the day and in the seasons. Movements of wind on the water and in trees. Cycles of growth, flowering, decay and rest.

Metaphors for how we live abound in nature. Mobility that I look for in my art.

Since 2017 I work En Plein Air a few months a year. The studies also stand alone and are for sale as originals. Since the beginning of 2023 also as a blowup as a poster.

I am a nature lover. Nature is an endless source of inspiration and representation of our inner self. Wherever I am, I see nature. Fragmented in the city. On a journey, rugged nature to lose yourself in, overwhelming and wide. Gardens as a private oasis with hidden places.

Bouquet Phacelia and Marigold En Plein Air vegetable garden 2022 Gea Zwart 2022


Drawings and Paintings

Some artworks made in nature are listed below. There is more choice in the studio.
Or visit one of the exhibitions.


Your favorite nature subject imagined by me

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Winter En Plein Air, winter light, tree, Willow, Vondelpark, Gea Zwart 7 February 2023
€ 635,- incl. baklijst
Fall Autumn Gea Zwart dawing color pencil, 2023 ixxi xl poster
€ 635,- incl. baklijst
Pumpkin En Plein Air colored pencil drawing on A4 paper Gea Zwart June 2023
€ 635,- incl. baklijst
Roos and bean study En Plein Air Garden Gea Zwart June 2023 colored pencil drawing on A4 paper
€ 635,- incl. baklijst
WINTER EN PLEIN AIR Gea Zwart 2023 Castricum dune trees colored pencil drawing
€ 635,- incl. baklijst
June Garden June Garden En Plein Air drawing Gea Zwart 2023
€ 635,- incl. baklijst
flowergarden enpleinair pleinair geazwart painting flowers garden detail
€ 1.600,-
Nieuw Land Nieuw Land Gea Zwart En Plein Air Schiermonnikoog painting
€ 1.600,-
enpleinair geazwart pantarhei ponds painting
€ 3.200,-, rent € 65,- p.mnth.

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