Last Summer, no. 7


Where are we going to?
Where is this going to?

56 x 143 X 2,5 cm.
Assemblage, painted perspex
Gea Zwart, October 2020

€ 3.000,-
Incl. hanging system, excl. frame (not necessary in principle)
Excl. shipping costs

During the summer months I work En Plein Air, outside in nature. Summer 2020 I made paintings and drawings in extensive vegetable gardens / flower gardens in my hometown. The gardens were so large that the whole thing seemed runaway and resulted in a raging sea of ​​flowers. Fantastic!

In the autumn I made a new impression of the same subject in the studio. A large assembly, reliëf, semi-transparent, built up in successive layers. Depicting the moving flower fields.

Kunstmaand Ameland 2021
The 7 large reliëfs were on display together for the first time during Kunstmaand Ameland, nov. 2021. Within the route I had a solo exhibition in the NH Church in Hollum.

In the sun, studio situation
Exhibition Kunstmaand Ameland
NH Church in Hollum, Nov. 2021
With sun and shadows

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