Worlds that merge beautifully create surprising new art applications.

Of course I work with professionals for the best results. Recent partners can be found here.


Modern Dutch Art, Castricum
Since 2021, this online gallery with a fine selection of artists has included my work in their stable. The start was with my paintings, in 2024 I started representing my wall sculptures made of recycled material., Amsterdam
I have been working with them since 1999 and in recent decades they have frequently rented and sold my work to companies and private individuals in the Netherlands.

Singulart, Paris
Since 2022 they have represented my art worldwide.
It has been included in various online collections for additional attention. In 2024, after a strong reorganization and selection of artists, my work was again included in their online gallery.

Sbk, Amsterdam
Since 2017, the SBK has represented my painting in the online gallery, where a select group of artists receive special attention.

Separate exhibitions
Follow the news for exhibitions that are organized separately from permanent galleries.

Residual materials from companies
to transform into works of art


UNStudio, Architectuur bureau,Amsterdam
An international major architectural firm with amazing designs. In recent years I have received remnants of plexiglass from their model department for my wall sculptures, to further process and combine.

Studio Z-as, Maquettestudio Weesp
Specialized maquette studio for high-end models and maquettes. The first company from which I was allowed to take over residual materials, such as plexiglass, acrylic and wood. My first wall sculpture with their material dates from 2019.


TABB Interior Systems, Tilburg
Designers of interiors for trains, ships, etc. where lightweight is important. Their panels have aluminum honeycomb as a core. I started with this material in 2024 and combined it again with plexiglass from other companies.

Collaborative designs with

Jackk Meubels, Utrecht
A new handmade piece of furniture is in the making,
with art like inlaid wood

Jack Ha makes the most beautiful handmade furniture from wood. He is a true artist who also knows his craft well. For a unique custom piece of furniture you have to go to him. Visit his website for an impression

We have now created a design together that will be launched in mid-2024. Keep an eye on the website.

M2uur bv, Kunst en Architectuur in Grootschalige Projecten, Deventer
Art on facades is our shared mission

Collaboration with M2uur bv: Art and Architecture in Large-scale Projects.
M2uur bv has specialized in wall and facade-filling prints, from concept to realization. They also go even further by embellishing ceilings and roofs with exciting designs. M2uur bv is actively involved in various projects in which art and architecture come together seamlessly. Art is transformed from the traditional ‘framed artwork on the wall’ to an impressive large format. Art integrated into a total concept, it creates a completely new experience!

M2uur bv operates both nationally and internationally and serves various sectors, including real estate, healthcare, education, non-residential construction and public space.

Our collaboration started in the spring of 2023. The company presented my work on their website

Visit the website to become acquainted with the various projects and services of M2uur bv. We are ready to work together on creative projects that will certainly meet your expectations!

Tachup, Interieur beleving, Doetinchem
Art on walls is our shared mission.

Collaboration with Tachup
Tachup responds to the questions of their customers. They transform spaces into a total interior experience. De nadruk ligt op interieurprojecten voor recreatie en natuur. But Tachup also operates beyond that and is expanding into other sectors. They work with photo wallpaper and wall decorations printed in various sizes. This is possible in every conceivable format and technology. The collaboration with Martin Groenewege, the driving force behind Tachup, has been established since spring

Do you also see it in your mind?
Works of art such as my En Plein Air studies are greatly enlarged, for a great experience of nature on the wall? We do.

Do you have a project that requires this? Please feel free to contact us. And visit the Tachup site to discover more about their expertise.

Also interested in a partnership?
Contact us.

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