buying, renting and commissioning art

> At ART you will find works of art that are directly for sale. Larger paintings are also available for rent. Prices are listed under each work.
> Click on the artwork you prefer, for all information and how to order. Payment is by iDEAL. Of course you can also contact us for an order.

Prefer to rent first?
Large canvases can be rented temporarily in Holland, up to a maximum of one year. Renting is flexible, the first 3 months at once, then cancellable per month. The rental prices are listed under the paintings, excl. VAT.
Download the rental information here with some savings.

Art Gift Voucher
The art voucher can be used online. Enter the code in the shopping cart with the iDEAL payment. Can also be used as partial payment. If there is an amount left on the voucher, it will remain for a next time. It will not be refunded.
> The voucher can also be used in the studio. Then bring the code.

See in real life?
Make an appointment for a studio visit.
Or visit one of the exhibitions.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Prices when buying
– Excluding shipping costs and framing
– Including taxes in Holland

Prices when renting
– Excluding shipping costs and framing
– Exclusive of VAT

Transportation costs
The transport costs are calculated separately. Depending on the type of artwork and the location. We will discuss this separately when purchasing.
> Pick up in the studio Amsterdam is always possible. Please contact us for this.

All artworks are ready to hang, but without a frame. Works on paper still need to be framed.
A frame is not necessary for large work. For smaller work it can give more body. A frame is sensitive to taste and fits both the work of art and the space where it will be hung.
> I regularly have art framed and take care of this if desired. Contact us.

Delivery time
Art gift voucher: immediately
– Online Gallery, ART: within 2 weeks
– Framing: 3 weeks
Posters: 5 to 10 days

Right of return
With internet purchases, the legal right to return is 14 days after purchase. Money will be refunded as soon as the artwork is returned and without damage.
Gift vouchers are not returned. These are valid for one year.

1 week on sight, service
A work can be taken on sight from the studio for 7 days, before a decision is made. Only in the Netherlands.

> Via the order button with iDEAL at each work of art. The invoice incl. taxes will be sent by email Shipping costs are calculated separately.
> Paying in instalments is negotiable. Please contact us for this.
> The artwork will be delivered as soon as the amount has been transferred.
> Renting is not by the shop, because it is custom work. The monthly price and conditions are mentioned under the canvases. Then get in touch.

If damage occurs during the 7/14 day period, the work cannot be taken back. The total amount must be paid immediately.

Studio visits by appointment
> In Amsterdam Old South, near The Vondelpark.
> By video call.

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