Shelter, no. 3

shelter into the unknown gea zwart relief recycled plexiglas

Where are we going to?
Where is this going to?

85 x 127 cm.
Assembly, mixed media on acrylic, wood and paper
Gea Zwart April – May 2019

€ 3.200,-
Incl. hanging system, excl. frame (not necessary in principle)
Excl. shipping costs

This work is about different ways of hiding. In music, nature, a courtyard garden, a church, with a headgear, in a comic book, abstraction … Discover for yourself how you can hide in this artwork.

With gold chalk elements
Detail, hiding in music and abstraction
Detail, hiding in a garden
Shelter reliëf recycled plexiglas schuilen geazwart art kunst
Exhibition Kunstmaand Ameland,
NH Church in Hollum, Nov. 2021

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