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Custom made art

Commissioned art

For companies and individuals

My specialty is image. I bring my expertise as an artist and designer (> 30 years).

I like working for people and companies who live their lives consciously. Have a green heart. And use art to express their vision and emotions.

Types of assignments

Get inspired

Our company has all kinds of residual materials. Could you create a work of art with that?
We want to tell our story and mission with the artwork. What we do and what we stand for. It’s great if that can be depicted with our own residual material. Sustainability is an important theme in our company. The work of art will of course have a nice place with us.

Would you like to create a work of art for our reflection center?
We think it would be nice if it is made from recycled materials, such as your plexiglass, which resembles stained glass, but without lead.

Would you like to give a talk about your art?

Would you like to make a work of art from recycled materials? The theme is change.
We are facing major changes in society. We want to show with a work of art that change can be beautiful and exciting.
Your work with recycled materials fits in seamlessly with this. It has a lot of movement and color. And it is abstract enough that suits the architecture of our building.

We would like a small work of art to accompany this poem.

Would you like to create a work of art for the hall?
We are thinking of a large painting with an image of nature in abstraction. It should be about transition.

Would you like to make a monument for us?
In memory of the end of this period. It will hang in a place where people can reflect in peace.

We would be happy to come and select works of art in your studio.
Can you send proposals in advance?
We will send you our wishes such as subjects, size and color scheme that it must meet.

Would you like to capture the nature around our house, in your own way with color, atmosphere and flower studies?
We think of a large painting with a beautiful frame around it. It can also be a drawing, which is then enlarged and professionally printed large in a luxurious version.

Would you like to put together a series of pastels and paintings on paper for our institution?
From your collection ‘People and Emotion’? And can you also take care of the framing?

Our company is green, as you know. Could you create a work of art for us that expresses our philosophy?
We would also like to have the original reproduced and framed, in a limited edition and signed by you. As a business gift for our best customers.

We would like to have this work of art of yours appear on the cover of a book.
Is it available for this via your image bank?

Could you design a logo?
Your visual language suits us.

My wife absolutely loves your work. And she really likes flowers. I would like to commission you for a unique painting.
As an expression of my love and appreciation for my wife. I’ll let you know what her favorite flowers are.

We would like to apply your drawings as wall coverings or as wallpaper prints.
Would you like to select drawings from your En Plein Air collection?

Would you like to depict our garden with different En Plein Air drawings?
For our new house on the wall, as a reminder of our old house where we spent so many wonderful years.
Can you also put together an ‘art folder’ with reproductions from the originals? One each for our children.

We would like to have your work of art applied to the facades of our new branch.
We think about details, which seems nice at first, in the color palette that matches the architecture.


Please contact us for an order without obligation

Who do I work with?

Of course I work with professionals for the best results. Recent partners can be found here.

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