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Compositie Bergen met Papaver gerecycled plexiglas Schilderkunst En Plein Air tekening Wandsculptuur detail Gea Zwart 2022


Art enriches life

My mission is to touch and move people through my art. It’s not about what it is, but what it does. Art is emotion, a mirror for the mind.

Drawings FACES, the inner self shown in 5 layered drawings, by Gea Zwart 2023, 2024. Are produced as a print, for sale in the Printstore on the website.
Most recent work. FACES
5 drawings about the inner self, 2024
soon as posters in the Printstore

Expeditions in art, nature and life
I am inspired by life itself, nature and the materials I work with. Giving meaning is what I strive for.

I work with contrasts such as strength and poetry, openness and layering, light and darkness. The unconscious and experience are important pillars in my art.

My works of art are experimental. I reuse plexiglass, which I receive from companies, into sparkling, sustainable wall sculptures. Light and shadow provide mobility. I make paintings on canvas, preferably large, and drawings.

My studio is in Amsterdam and I work directly in nature, En Plein Air.

In the world
My art is exhibited and purchased internationally.

As a semi-finalist, my work reached 21st place in the top 100 of the well-known national election ‘Artist of the Year 2020’. Since then I have been nominated every year.

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