Unveil Ontsluieren, schilderij painting, Gea Zwart, detail


Art stimulates your imagination and creates change

My mission is to touch and move people by art

I translate emotions into modern art, also on canvas. Abstraction, color, nature and humanity. I have been painting with these elements for >30 years. Take a dive and let yourself be touched.

Looking back on the development of my recent art, the Panta Rhei 2017 series, followed by the Resonance 2018 series, has been the prelude to my current reliëfs made of recycled Plexiglas. Nice to see afterwards what already announced itself in the beginning.

A small selection of paintings on linen or polyester canvas can be seen here. Wall-filling color explosions for a bold statement. Medium sized canvases that fit on any wall. And small canvases for small walls.

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In addition to purchase, my large canvases are also temporarily for rent. Renting is flexible, per month. The rental prices are also listed with the paintings on this site. Download the rental information here with a savings.

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