Venice, no. 5

Venetie, Venice, recycled art, relief, plexiglas, perspex, nature, city, art, kunst Gea Zwart
No. 5 / VENICE

Where are we going to?
Where is this going to?

89 x 126 X 4,5 cm.
Assembly, mixed media on recycled acrylic / perspex and paper
Gea Zwart, March 2020

€ 3.000,-
Incl. hanging system, excl. frame (not necessary in principle)
Excl. shipping costs

We are fragmented part of everything, nature and urbanization. This artwork was finished just before the Corona crisis. It suddenly puts the meaning in a sharper light. It is now nature’s turn, not us, we are locked up in houses and cities. Sweet – Sour.

Pick up the pieces and go on.
A beautiful process. This work is the 2nd version of the same work of art that was exhibited in Venice in 2019, during the art biennale. It was on display at the Hilton Hotel on Giudecca Island.

It was broken during transport, unfortunately. At the beginning of 2020 I made a completely new version of the parts that were left, the middle part, the urban part. The artwork has since become twice as large, with a larger frame and new elements that refer to nature. The title has been changed to VENICE, FACE 2.0.

Gea Zwart, reliefs, recycle art, Kunstmaand Ameland, Venice, Venetie
Kunstmaand Ameland NH Church Hollum, Nov. 2021
Venetie, Venice, recycled art, plexiglas, perspex, Detail, Gea Zwart
Kunstmaand Ameland NH Church Hollum, Nov. 2021
Gea Zwart, making of, Venetie, relief recyclied plexiglas, perspex
Making of, retouch

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