About my work and mission

Like a stone in the pond. A vision. From myself to ever wider circles.


Art is my life. Creating and expressing feelings is what I like to do most.


I hope it touches you. Taking you to your emotions. Incorporate art into your own world. To enjoy. To change your thoughts.


I work for companies in commission. For more humanity in workplaces. I design works of art to highlight a point. A new chapter, a monument, the mission. Art gives it a place.


Nature and people are my subjects. The theme is eternal change in time. How do we live? What do we experience? Displayed with nature images. Nature is transition itself. Movement, never stands still.

We must be careful with our earth.
That’s why I make wall sculptures from recycled plexiglass I receive from companies. The materials get a second life as a sparkling work of art. I regularly study nature by En Plein Air drawing and painting sessions.

Art is my life’s work

Everything comes together in modern works of art:
Paintings, wallsculptures, drawings, collaborative designs, for interiors, reproductions.

I graduated from The Art Academy in 1992. Since then I have been working as a professional visual artist and entrepreneur.

Interested in a work of art?
Contact us.

06 12360665

Expeditions in art, nature and life

Art stimulates your imagination and creates change

Studio Gea Zwart Amsterdam 22 sept. 2023, web
Studio 2023

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