About Gea Zwart

geazwart artist, studio 2014

Expeditions in art, nature and life

Into the unknown
Art stimulates your imagination and creates change

My art is about our inner life. Imagined by nature, people and abstraction. Experimental and playful. Call it a game. Not knowing everything is wonderful. Just like art, there is an elusive part woven into it. I work a lot  from the unconscious.

What does art mean to me?

Art is a necessity of life. A way to order chaos and create new one. It is a mirror and also a vanishing point. A source of joy and comfort. It is my talent, with which I can inspire others. My form of imagining and showing how beautiful the world is.

My goal is to contribute to a better world. With the subjects about which I make artworks, I hope to inspire people and make them more aware. With a view to mental well-being and attention to nature.

I consciously use materials that can be reused. Such as plexiglass from companies, which would otherwise be disposed of and destroyed. I make new  wall sculptures with my visual language.

I also draw and paint on linen and paper. In the studio and in the summer in nature, called En Plein Air.

Experiment comes first. Expeditions in art and life is my motto. Destination unknown.

River of Life

Life itself is my theme. Our movement intrigues me. How do we deal with emotions that accompany changes? I find cycles interesting. In nature, in processes, in developments.

I reflect all these factors in my abstract art, with metaphors from nature. I consciously use color and layering. Layers can be found in the technique, philosophical thoughts and in the titles. I often work with sub-themes on which I create series of artworks.

I play with contrasts between power and poetry. People and nature are the most common.
My art is abstract and consists of:
– Wall sculptures of plexiglass, with recycled plexiglass from companies
– Paintings on canvas
– En Plein Air, nature studies

From 2019 I will focus 100% on the visual arts.
Autonomous and commissioned.

Color your life with art

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I offer contemporary art about change and movement.
> Autonomous work to choose from
> Customized assignments

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Gea Zwart April 2023 exhibition

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