RHUBARB, xl print

Rhubarb Poster poster in the room, simulation, ixxi, Gea Zwart 100 x 140 cm.


XL Print with Ixxi

100 X 140 CM.
€ 295,-

– met 35 vlakken
– prijs all inn

80 x 120 cm.
€ 235,-

– met 24 vlakken
– prijs all inn

🌿 A day in the kitchen garden with colorful rhubarb
transformed into a modern wall decoration

Rhubarb is a large plant that develops leaves like umbrellas. Later they change color via rust colors to deep purple. A mysterious world to lose yourself in, especially if you’re right below it.

The original is an En Plein Air drawing
on A5 with colored pencil. Made near the rhubarb plant in the vegetable garden, early June 2022.

Rhubarb Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart 100 x 140 cm.
Simulation 100 x 140 cm., contains 35 planes
Rhubarb Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart 80 x 120 cm.
Simulation, 80 x 120 cm., contains 24 planes
Rhubarb parasol location vegetable gardens enpleinair geazwart 2022
And Plein Air, vegetable garden location
Rhubarb Parasol, detail En Plein Air drawing vegetable garden Gea Zwart

With the Ixxi system you assemble it with compartments and hang it on the wall without drilling. A frame is not necessary.

How does Ixxi work?

Price incl. VAT and shipping costs registered within the Netherlands. It comes to you as a letterbox package.

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