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Poppy Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart



Choice of 2 sizes

100 x 140 cm. and 80 x 120 cm.
  • This is how something small suddenly becomes something very big
    Nature on your wall
    As a modern art poster
    Within reach, affordable
  • Ready and compleet
  • Constructed from sections of 20 x 20 cm.
    Very high-quality printing on a modern carrier
    No drilling, no framing
    Click and hang up immediately
    Quickly on your wall
  • Order it via iDEAL
    Delivery time max. 10 days

🌿 Natuurstudies getransformeerd
naar moderne wanddecoratie

The originals are En Plein Air drawings
Made on A4 or A5 with colored pencil on paper

An En Plein Air drawing blown up big.
A refined colored pencil drawing for modern interiors.

Enjoy the drawing and the details.

Technical information

> The drawing is a very high-quality scan of the original. Scanned for me by a professional photo lab. Reproducing works of art is their expertise. They go for the highest quality.

>The printing is done by Ixxi, which specializes in posters in all sizes, including wall-to-wall. Constructed from sections of 20 x 20 cm. Professionally finished.
Printed on Synaps, a sturdy synthetic paper that does not tear, is highly UV resistant and water resistant.
>Click the poster together yourself with the ingenious system.

– 100 x 140 cm. contains 35 compartments
– 80 x 120 cm. contains 24 compartments

The result
A razor-sharp, large reproduction with deep, bright colours.

The hanging system is incorporated at the rear, with supplied tape. You can’t see how it hangs.
Drilling and a frame are no longer necessary. All materials are included, incl. the manual.

To order?

Make your choice in the Print Store
Price incl. VAT and shipping costs registered within the Netherlands. It comes to you as a letterbox package.

See more photos of how it works

Poppy Poster poster making or building from planes Gea Zwart
Building from planes
Poppy Poster poster making of Gea Zwart
Enjoy in advance
> Supplied installation set. Incl. suspension system with double-sided tape and spirit level. Drilling is not necessary.

> Booklet plus link to online installation video from Ixxi are included.
Poppy Poster poster detail Gea Zwart
Poppy Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart
And on the wall!

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