POPPY, xl print

Poppy Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart


XL Print with Ixxi

100 X 140 CM.
€ 295,-

– met 35 vlakken
– prijs all inn

80 x 120 cm.
€ 235,-

– met 24 vlakken
– prijs all inn

🌿 A summer day in the vegetable garden with tender poppies
transformed into a modern wall decoration

Poppies come in all kinds of colors, but these deep red ones are very special. I found them in the vegetable garden, along the edge of a field, swaying in the wind. All stages visible, flowering, decay and seed pod.

The original is an En Plein Air drawing made with colored pencil on A5, in early July 2022 in the vegetable garden.
Now as a large reproduction, incl. hanging system, ready to hang on the wall.

Poppy Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart
100 x 140 cm. with 35 squares
Poppy Affiche poster 80 x 120 cm with ixxi in the room Gea Zwa
80 x 120 cm. with 24 squares
Poppy And Plein Air Drawing Vegetable Garden Gea Zwart 2022
And Plein Air, vegetable garden location
Poppy Poster poster in the room Gea Zwart
On the wall

With the Ixxi system you assemble it with compartments and hang it on the wall without drilling. A frame is not necessary.

How does Ixxi work?

Price incl. VAT and shipping costs registered within the Netherlands. It comes to you as a letterbox package.

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