SUNFLOWER, xl print

Sunflower Gea Zwart ixxi xl print


XL Print with Ixxi

100 X 140 CM.
€ 295,-

– met 35 vlakken
– prijs all inn

80 x 120 cm.
€ 235,-

– met 24 vlakken
– prijs all inn

🌿A radiant sunflower
transformed into a modern wall decoration

Fantastic large flowers that let the sun shine into your room. An uplifting flower. I drew this to retain the summer feeling.

The original is an En Plein Air drawing with colored pencil on A4 size.
Now as a large reproduction, incl. hanging system, ready to hang on the wall.

Sunflower Gea Zwart ixxi xl print
100 x 140 cm. with 35 squares
Sunflower Gea Zwart ixxi xl print
80 x 120 cm. with 24 squares

With the Ixxi system you assemble it with compartments and hang it on the wall without drilling. A frame is not necessary.

Sunflower Gea Zwart ixxi xl print detail

How does Ixxi work?

Price incl. VAT and shipping costs registered within the Netherlands. It comes to you as a letterbox package.

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