Herb garden

Herb garden garden enpleinair framed Gea Zwart 2022
Basil, parsley, mint, pea, dill
, chives

Vegetable garden, Zaandam

pencil on paper
A5, 14,8 x 21 cm.
Gea Zwart, May 18, 2022

€ 225,-
excl. shipping costs,
Incl. aluminum glass frame A4 format with black passepartout
incl. 9% VAT

A fresh herb garden in the vegetable garden, drawn in pencil on paper, framed with a dark passe-partout all around.

Nice for a collection of black and white artworks, on a small wall, maybe in the kitchen?

Herb garden garden enpleinair Gea Zwart 2022
At location

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